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Volunteer Profile - "Its a pleasure to be part of the Heather Club"

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

I’m Maggie and I’ve been a volunteer at the Heather Club for many years. I get a huge amount of job satisfaction working with the Heather Club members – the club is so welcoming and gives its members a vital sense of belonging. During one of our memory session activities, one answer can lead to lots of laughter throughout the group while they share stories with each other. One of the other regular activities that I enjoy are the music and dancing session that we run – the benefits of these sessions are so clear to see and for some can be their only form of communication. The Heather Club provides its members with an opportunity to make friends and provides a space where they can feel valued and have something to look forward to. The sessions are so beneficial for the members’ health and well-being along with my own - its a pleasure to be part of the Heather Club! I gain a huge amount from volunteering here and it’s a joy to see how much everyone gains, including myself, from the wonderful environment that has been created.

Maggie, Volunteer @ Heather Club

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