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Dance Practice

What They’re Saying About Us

Take Their Word for It

'This is an outstanding service that gives to both the client and the carer. The activities are many and varied. Hot lunches are provided and outings in fair weather arranged. The attitude of the staff towards the client is most appropriate, understanding and patient. But most importantly they acknowledge the devastation of dementia. They always give due respect to the clients as individuals and the uniqueness of their being.'

'The club gives me as a carer some space to be able to breathe, see my friends, family to be able to do the garden and housework which is impossible when my husband is at home If it wasn’t for the club my health would have deteriorated with a high cost to the NHS.'

'THC allows me to work again on the days it runs knowing Dad is happy and well stimulated, I can also meet my friends, eat simply and BREATHE- I want to help slow the progression of his Alzheimer’s so the programme at THC reassures me that Dad is in good hands and that I’m making a positive choice for him. Seeing him socialise despite him moving to an area where he knows no one is heart warming, and I feel less pressure to provide a full entertainment programme for him on days he is at THC. After a day at THC he is brighter for days afterwards.'

The club was voted the Best Dementia Care Centre 2020 – Dacorum by Global Health & Pharma under its annual Social Care awards

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