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Volunteer Profile - "Watch out for the cheeky ones that try to get an extra biscuit!"

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Hello I'm Norma and I first came across the Heather Club when my husband Dennis was introduced to the club at the beginning of his journey with Dementia. He used to love attending and I soon became aware of the tremendous value both it's members and their carers gained from

this wonderful day centre. Unfortunately my husband is no longer with us, but after 20 years I'm still involved with the Heather Club. My journey with the club began as a trustee and now its as a volunteer at the day centre which I enjoy every minute of.

We have engaging and fun packed days including activities such as playing board games to armchair exercises to entertainers coming to visit to day trips out. In the past members have enjoyed walks to Gadebridge Park, tea and biscuits at The Forum, visits to Dunstable Downs, Ashridge and the Boxmoor Trust. The boat trips on the canal have been particularly popular, with a fish and chip lunch on board - delicious! And then of course at Christmas time, we have a welcome visit from Father Christmas every year!

Our members are provided with a hot two course meal each time they visit, which are always incredibly welcomed by the attendees. We always welcome our members with a nice cup of tea on arrival along with a biscuit and a smile. Although you do have to watch out for the cheeky ones that try to get an extra biscuit by claiming their dementia meant they had 'forgotten' that they'd already been given one- we don't mind though as we have plenty of biscuits to share!

For some members, their visit to the Heather Club is the only time they get out, so we always make sure we make time to have a nice chat with everyone who comes. We also try to stimulate their memories through these conversations and with the use of prompts such as old newspapers and adverts from the past.

Despite being shattered by the end of each day, I absolutely love volunteering and being part of the warm and wonderful atmosphere here at the Heather Club.

Norma, Volunteer @ Heather Club

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